The representation of the civil society  in the EU
This bilingual directory (English-French) lists some 800 professional federations set up at European Union level and including the candidate countries and belonging to the following sectors of activity: industry and commerce, agriculture, crafts, small and medium-sized enterprises, transport and telecommunication, professions, other activities, trade unions.

For each European federation:
official name(s), address, telephone and telefax numbers, E-mail and website, date of creation, names of chairman and general-secretary, as well as the list of their national member associations.

For each national association:
official name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and mostly
E-mail, website and contact name.

Altogether, around 10,000 associations..

■ This directory also includes an index of abbreviations and acronyms, an index by subject (key words), an alphabetical index of the federations as well as a detailed table of contents (federations listed by sectors and subsectors of activity).

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7th edition (2003)
408 pages
21 x 29,7 cm
ISSN : 0771-7865  
ISBN : 2-8029-0154-0
Bilingual English-French
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